Collection: 《TINGCHAN》 Copper Bell Aromatherapy candles

      “Ting Chan” is rooted in the integration of traditional Chinese classical aesthetics and modern Eastern aesthetics. Its aim is to design and create fragrance products that outwardly demonstrate Eastern aesthetics and cultural depth. In order to explore the cultural connotations of Eastern fragrance, we follow the development path of Chinese fragrance culture, combing through ancient records of fragrances in books such as “Compendium of Materia Medica” and “Book of Songs”. Coupling this with the modern pursuit of fragrances, we start from the perspective of traditional fragrance ingredients like pine, cypress, bamboo, plum, sandalwood, lotus, orchid, and peony. We have created the Suzhou fragrance series, which embodies the sentiments of the rich and fertile Jiangnan region. With its unique atmosphere of “purity, elegance, and subtlety”, we create a restrained, subtle, and high-end Oriental fragrance.