Collection: series-《林澗》Bamboo scented candles




There is always a calm demeanor of ‘I don’t bloom, so as not to stir bees and butterflies,’ which radiates Eastern artistic flair from the core. Walking through a bamboo forest, specks of sunlight sprinkle on the face. When a gentle breeze blows, waves of fresh, natural scent calm the restless heart.The sound of wood crackling in the fire, it’s as if you’re sleeping in a coastal wooden house in the Maldives with the waves lapping against the piles, or sitting by a fireplace, or listening to a rainfall. “Half a day of leisure can offset a decade of dusty dreams.

The design inspiration comes from the vigor of bamboo shoots growing upward, always resilient and rising. Coupled with the elegant and fresh scent, it gives one a feeling of traversing through nature, being comforted by the vitality within it.